Style Does Not Stop at a Certain Body Size or Shape

Fashion is something all women should enjoy. Women were not all created with the same size or shape. That is part of why we’re human and our own person. But sometimes, there are cases where we have a hard time finding clothing we love and wear well in our size. The struggle is finding a balance between body size and shape, feeling beautiful and feminine and the clothing not being distasteful or slutty. All women deserve that balance and confidence.

According to an article recently posted to, blogger Chastity Garner severely criticized Target’s lack of clothing choices for plus sized women. Why should style become less of a priority because a woman is larger in size? All women want to feel beautiful in the clothing they choose to wear. Luckily for Target shoppers, the company responded. Ava & Bib are teaming up with Target to offer a trendy and affordable plus sized line. The line will be available beginning in February.

Brands should listen to their customers. It is US, the consumer, that keep these brands, lines and companies in business. We women do not all come in a size 2 or 4. Not all of us are tall or curvy. There are many shapes that we come in. We all deserve to feel beautiful. The article posted on Time’s website went on to explain how Target invited Garner and two other plus sized women bloggers to the first photo shoot for the new line. The women gushed about how they felt in the clothing. That’s what is important. This demographic of women are being listened to.

Other people are speaking out as well. In November 2014, The Today Show’s style section of the website posted an article about Melissa McCarthy launching her own clothing line. It is to be an across the board line, available in sizes for all women.

“I have experience dressing me as a 6, a 12 and more. And when you go above a size 12, you don’t lose your love of fashion,” McCarthy explained in an interview with WWD. “I always said, “Why can’t I find great stuff?” ( McCarthy gets it.

Style and fashion are something women use to transform themselves. Fashion can be fun but professional, yet also edgy. A women chooses clothing they feel comfortable and beautiful in. It does not change when the body shape changes. I am a size 2-4 in most pant sizes. It changes with the brand. If I am buying from a teen line or a women’s line also affects which size I get. I am not much taller than five feet. I am not a plus size but that is not the point. Brands or companies, like Target, need to listen to customer feedback. They will not remain in business if they do not.

Take Old Navy as another example. Renee Posey created a petition on after seeing that the company charged more for plus sized clothing specifically for women. The company supposedly heard  her complaints but still fell short to remedy the situation. The following excerpt from explains some of the changes the company has made: “One immediate change is that, come December 5, it will start allowing in-store returns on plus size clothing. Before, the clothes, which are only available online, had to be returned by mail. The company also said it will form “a new customer panel to gather insights that will further enhance our plus size collections,” which will kick off in January and meet four times a year. It will test drive new plus size designs and give feedback directly to the company’s design and marketing teams.” (

But where this company falls short, unlike Target, is they are not changing their prices. Did they really LISTEN to Posey if the price was the issue to begin with? The reason behind not changing the price is that the company invests more in the plus size line. That may be the company’s excuse to not be held responsible for more changes,It may be true. But if they charge more for plus sized women’s clothing and not men’s, what gives? The bottom line comes down to listening to your customer. We are the people who shop at *insert store here.* We keep you in business. No matter what your size, you deserve to look and feel great in your clothing. So companies, please continue to listen to us and take the wide range of us into account.

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