Top 5 Places to Visit in Portland

I haven’t done this yet. But it’s worth my while to write this & worth yours to take note if you plan on visiting Portland. The Pacific Northwest is a rainy, hipster-esque, beautiful place. Portland is the heart of all those things. Here’s where you need to go.

  1.   For all you bookworms out there, Powell’s is the place to go. This bookstore takes up a whole city block. It’s in the heart of the Pearl District & has multiple floors. There are maps and signs pointing you to different sections. The cafe is on the ground floor. It takes up about half the room it’s in & looks out on the sidewalk. The bookstore and the cafe are a great people watching spot.
  2. Everyday Music is a must see for all types of music lovers. The location downtown is actually two separate rooms and entrances. One had used and new CDs while the other has the vinyl collection. The store is so vast that I could have spent all afternoon sorting through music. It is also located in the Pearl District downtown.
  3. I had never heard of Killer Burger but am a burger lover. I have successfully found amazing burger spots in Chicago, Nashville and Los Angeles. I am glad I found one in Portland too. There are several locations. This one is north of downtown near the Alberta area. Try the peanut butter bacon pickle burger. Trust me. Burgers and beers, what else could you want?
  4. I wish this was my photo from Saturday Market. Sadly, it is not. Ali and I went down there the morning of Halloween. It was foggy and gray. It was early. I quickly fell in love with all the art and culture the market held. It is located along the water downtown. You get this amazing view of some of Portland’s famous bridges. You meet all sorts of merchants. There were people selling art, food, home good and much more. I found a coffee seller among the food carts. Try a black cherry mocha if you get the chance.
  5. I am a barista and addicted to finding local coffee shops whenever I am out of town. What I love about Barista is that it is located downtown in the Pearl District and is simple. So many coffee shops that, while I love them, are overwhelming. You are bombarded with daily specials or flavors to pick form or a complicated menu. Barista is clean and simple. I got a soy mocha. The building it is located in is also beautiful on the outside.

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