Single Girl Chronicles

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince. The last few “frogs” I have kissed are more like toads. They are not even worthy of being called frogs. That is how bad my luck has gone with the last few guys in the picture. Each one only played a small guest appearance in the movie that is my life. But they left their marks. Allow me to explain these odd situations.

  • Ghosting– I met, hmmm….let’s call him Toad #1? Yes, that works. I met Toad #1 back in October. We started texting for over two weeks. It was a constant thing. We got a good basis for knowing each other done through that. He lives in Huntsville which is an hour and a half away. But I finally had a Saturday afternoon off and had plans to be out that way anyways. So we hung out. Let me keep this short. All the signs were there. He took me to a park at sunset. He initiated holding my hand. He bought me a drink. We made so much good conversation. It was easy to talk to him about my life, and he opened up himself. For  reference, keep in mind he is 6’3″. When he leaned down to kiss me at first, it was hard for my short self to compensate the height difference. Just like in the movies, he is kissing me but then picks me up in his arms so I am now on his level. It was movie shit and super cute. We sat in his driveway talking. He asked if we could hangout again. He said he would come to Florence next. He told him to send him tons of photos from my Portland trip. He kissed me goodnight. I left. I had a goofy smile on my face. But he never texted me back or called me again. He blocked me on Instagram. That was it. He ghosted me. I actually liked him.
  • Nudes– Toad #2 is a guy I met in Chicago. While I was visiting in December, we just happened to meet. He was cute, had tattoos and was tall. He bought me coffee and we talked. He wanted to see this rooftop deck at my hostel. When I took him up there, things were a back and forth of making out and talking. He got rough with the making out part quickly but never tried anything further. We kept texting after he left. On Christmas morning, he texted me “I just took a sexy photo.” To this, I replied, “I’m sure you did.” At this point, he continued to send me his crappy, selfie in the mirror nudes. WHAT THE HELL? I texted back saying things about this was not what I thought he was sending. Nudes make me uncomfortable. I did not ask for this. His reply was “K.” So then later in the day, he texted me asking for “photos.” I told him I was not sending the photos he wanted to see. So then he replied talking about how “All I have done is be nice to you. If you don’t realize that adults talk to each other this way and act this way, you are not worth my time. Do you not realize you’re an adult?” Okay so, adults send nudes to random people they don’t know to please that person? Kay cool.
  • Netflix and Chill–  On to Toad #3. Yesterday, I was texted a photo from this guy I met about two weeks ago. We have been talking and hanging out. We made out a few times. He said he was “SUPER into me.” I thought this could have potential. The photo he sent me yesterday was a trading card type item that said “Netflix and Chill.” His caption said “You have activated my trap card.” I yelled back via text about how Netflix and Chill is a stupid concept and hate the whole idea of it. It was not an attack on him but more on the whole context of the idea and guys in general using it. Then he just laughed. I replied with the honest to God truth that I am a virgin. He told me “Just fuck off.” He said the whole thing started as a “joke.” S T A R T E D. It is not a joke. Then I tell you I am a virgin, and you tell me to “just fuck off.” Real mature.

Moral of these incidents? Toads are all over the place. Some guys truly are just pieces of shit. You have to let yourself….I have to let MYSELF be single until the right one just comes along and proves he is not like the others. Single girls have all the power and independence in their 20s. Focus on your career and traveling. Guys come and go. 


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