The Value Of An Internship

“I need your young, smart millennial mind to teach me,” is something I hear my boss at UP tell me. Between the other marketing intern and myself, we present him with learning opportunities and creative angles in his marketing efforts. Just like he tasks me with projects that help me learn the company, our shows and how to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom, I provide him with equally beneficial information.

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article from PR Daily about how utilizing Snapchat is such a smart way to reach millennials. “Millennials and Gen Z are notoriously difficult to engage using traditional media channels. Given the level of engagement Snapchat elicits in this demographic, it would be foolish for anyone in business to ignore its potential.” That struck a chord inside of me. Several of our shows feature content that is millennial heavy.

#DateMe: An OkCupid experiment targets millennials specifically. The show explores the world of online dating, it’s awkwardness and all. The content truly is focused on a younger audience. I’ve seen the show. I laughed until I almost cried and related so well with the show and cast.

Another show we featured for the month of June is Nick and Gabe: American Champions. They are Vine stars that appeal to teenage and early college age girls, mainly. So in the world of marketing and public relations, how do professionals reach this audience successfully?

This question is something I have been trying to help my boss answer. SnapChat hosts over 200 million active users monthly. A majority of these users are millennials and Gen Z users. They’re our younger demographic and a huge target audience for these two shows at UP. I sent him the article and within the hour, he was asking on more detailed research about millennials. He asked for a “SnapChat 101” presentation since he didn’t know the app well. So, the other intern and I gave him that. All because I emailed him one article, he took my train of thought and ran with it. We’ve also suggested Instagram takeovers, Facebook Live events and Twitter takeovers.

As a millennial, I feel my perspective on the industry is valued by my boss because it is an audience/demographic that he doesn’t ALWAYS market or advertise to. He hasn’t had interns in the office all along the same age as myself to offer these ideas to him. To have young kids working for Second City that can help give ideas or present projects to our supervisors, I feel we teach them as much as this internship is teaching us.

I’ve learned how to use LaughStub to pull and analyze data from ticket sales, how to better use Microsoft Excel, and how to craft email newsletters on MailChimp. But I am also teaching my boss too. Its mutually beneficial, and I feel that is valued highly in an internship.

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