Entertainment Industry PR

I thrive on live music and being around the entertainment industry. That is why I have chosen to double major in music business and public relations. I have hopes that it will help me work in that industry without being one of the musicians or entertainers. The role of PR in entertainment/music business is typically … Continue reading Entertainment Industry PR

Stay Weird and Never Give Up

Recently, the Oscars aired. This year's batch of acceptance speeches were memorable, to say the least. I remember scrolling through my Twitter timeline and kept seeing hashtags regarding the specific speeches that were given as they aired. Graham Moore's acceptance speech hit home the most for me.This morning, I finally watched To Write Love on … Continue reading Stay Weird and Never Give Up

Style Does Not Stop at a Certain Body Size or Shape

Fashion is something all women should enjoy. Women were not all created with the same size or shape. That is part of why we're human and our own person. But sometimes, there are cases where we have a hard time finding clothing we love and wear well in our size. The struggle is finding a … Continue reading Style Does Not Stop at a Certain Body Size or Shape