Your Story Doesn’t End Here

From time to time, someone will ask me about myself. "Tell me about you." "What's your STORY?" My story? What is my story? Each and everyone of our stories are changing and writing themselves every single day. Our stories don't end until we die, or that's my belief. But what is my story or experience … Continue reading Your Story Doesn’t End Here

I Just Want to Believe in Me

September is officially underway. With that being said, universities are back in session as classes dive headfirst into their lessons. My university, The University of North Alabama, started back two weeks ago. I have struggled with what to write about. As summer ends, we all compare what we thought our summers would be like when … Continue reading I Just Want to Believe in Me

If You Feel Too Much

It is 5:45 p.m as Alex and I pull up to Parnassus Books in Nashville. Jamie Tworkowski, founder of To Write Love On Her Arms, is scheduled to start his book reading and signing at 6:30 p.m. We walk in to an already crowded, small bookstore. Supporters of the nonprofit organization fill the chairs set … Continue reading If You Feel Too Much

Style Does Not Stop at a Certain Body Size or Shape

Fashion is something all women should enjoy. Women were not all created with the same size or shape. That is part of why we're human and our own person. But sometimes, there are cases where we have a hard time finding clothing we love and wear well in our size. The struggle is finding a … Continue reading Style Does Not Stop at a Certain Body Size or Shape